From Muscle to Music and Back

I have recently returned to one of my greatest passions: bodybuilding. Years ago I used to read about Arnold Schwarzenegger in bodybuilding magazines and he got me interested in weight training. I used to go to the gym five or six times a week and always watched my diet.

But I kind of started getting out of the habit and started getting more into music and other hobbies. I think I just lost interested, which in some ways was OK: I took things to the extreme and my life revolved around lifting weights a little too much.

But lately I started looking at Youtube videos (like the one below) and started looking into the types of training techniques and programs that people are using now. One of the modern-day bodybuilders that interest me is a guy named Ben Pakulski. He’s huge compared to the guys of the 70’s and much bigger than I’d want to be. But I still enjoy learning from him. I ordered Pakulski’s program after reading over a review (   His training videos have really helped me learn more about the scientific aspects of hypertrophy, and I also really have learned a whole lot about nutrition and supplementation.

I’m not really worried about becoming some kind of huge, muscular monster. But I am enjoying watching my strength and muscle return like it was before. And more importantly, I have a better balance in my life: I enjoy both making music and muscle.